Tuesday, April 25, 2006


bold CAPITALIZER (n.)-A blogger with an incurable condition that makes them use bold or capital letters in a painful cry for attention (examples AntiRadical or GLENN from ml's blog)

BDS-Bush Derangement syndrome A condition that does not allow for any rational thought due to the overwhelming hatred of George W. Bush in particular and to a lesser degree Republicans in general.

Caligator (noun) #1 crusty illegal alien from Okefenokee Swamp, GA lurking on west coast.#2 hitch hiker across state lines on chicken truck(now empty) to go California snacking & surfing #3 a yodelist who learned from famous guitar playing tree hunger MGC #4 now cranky lovesick for Southern belle with great teeth who resides on a Hilton Head front porch. #5 will give free yodeling lessons and weight-loss advice to chubby children and dogs. Submitted by Dusty

Democrite-(noun) 1. A member of the Hypocrite (formerly Democrat) Party (see-Hysteretic) 2. A follower of the "free speech for me, but not for thee" doctrine

Embicile-(noun) One that can’t spell the simplest of words while trying to illustrate someone else’s ignorance. Unintentionally submitted by Eric the moonbat

estatic-(noun) The noise you hear from uninformed LLL’s on a blog, when they try to paint their political betters with traits they alone possess. Submitted by Midori the semi-literate parrot

Hysteretic: One who makes up problems and then scolds the rest of the world with them. Formally known as a hypocrite, until Hypocrite was taken as the new name for the democratic party. Submitted by Andy of many names

IgnoRant - Noun. 1. Unintelligible jibberish written by angry moonbats. 2. Rabid, unedited, writing that is entirely devoid of restraint and reason, mirroring the personality of the author. Submitted by Buy Danish

Innaugural: (noun) A formal dance held by syncophants where those who support losing candidates are forced to dance backwards in high heels and complain about the torture of it all before they hook up later at the Inn. Submitted by Mrs. Godzilla who was having a very bad day. Definition by Anna Kournakova's big sister.

LLL: (noun) Loony Liberal Leftist or any combination of descriptive "L" words that convey that image


Neolib-Noun, It is a former docile peace loving pinko who’s all of a sudden discovered the Bush doctrine of preemption and is now prone to attacking and invading the world, usually in response to Bush seeking multilateral negotiations. Submitted by Ask Andy, You Shall Learn

Pulitzer Patriot-Noun, 1. One who puts their desire for a Pulitzer prize above their country or the general welfare of their fellow citizens. 2. One who actively conspires to subvert U.S. foreign policy, particularly during war time, in order to inflict irreparable damage, appease the enemy, and please the Pulitzer Board. Submitted by Buy Danish

Swiftboating-Verb, Exposing the lies, deceit and fraud of self-glorifying public officials or candidates for public office who exaggerate their military service by lying about their feats of heroism and combat wounds. Submitted by Ted Sampley

Syncophant:(noun) A moonbat who uses Democrat talking points to synchronize fawning support for their leaders and put a positive face on disaster. See reaction to Bill Clinton’s interview with Chris Wallace. Submitted by Mrs. Godzilla Translation provided by Buy Danish

Tree Hunger-Noun, 1. A hungry hippie 2. A liberal pain in the ass whack job environmentalist that thinks they know what is best for everyone else (see-tree hugger in a real dictionary) Submitted by mgc.

Xenophone: (noun) Instrument used by syncophants to get their Orwellian, alternative reality messages out. Submitted by schizophrenic loser Sybil bon finchie in a typically incoherent rant.